Volume 1, Number 2, August, 2015

Table of contents

Russell Eisenman
Deviant and Conforming Motorist Behavior at a Four-Way Stop

Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
A differential equation occurring in the M|M|∞ queue parameters study using a Markov renewal process

V.J.T. van Ginneken
Painless "Hunger-death" is a myth

Robyn D. Rausch, Lisa Dykes-Harrell
The influence of technology on parent responsiveness

Michael F. Shaughnessy, Colin Hannaford, Zoey Mahan
Counseling the adolescent: what changes has the internet (and technology) wrought?

Jiqing Peng, Fuxiang Cao, Zhiming Liu, Jiwu Cao, Lichao Wu, Meng Li, Xujie Dong
A correlation analysis of rocky desertification grades, plant diversity and soil factors in central Hunan of China

Book review by Prof. Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
Decision support systems IV-information and knowledge management in decision processes
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