Volume 1, Number 1, June, 2015
Table of contents

Shyanne Sansom
Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities: A Current Review of the Literature

M.M. Badr
The truncated queues with bulk arrivals and hyperexponential service time distribution with reneging

Murat Koc, Onur Basar Ozbozkurt
Value chain and critical success factors for the advertising agency in Turkey's advertising industry

M.M. Badr, A.K. Zahem, G.M. Motadares, S.K. Baaqil
Diabetes is a danger that threatens our kids

Jones M. Jaja
Women in the political development of Nigeria: the goodluck Jonathan Presidency

Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
The minimax theorem as Hahn-Banach theorem consequence

Jones M. Jaja, Paul B. Badey, Edna A. Brown
Social (new) media and the deepening of democracy in Nigeria. (2011-2015)

Nathan R. Miles
Theatrical expression in creative output

Anthonia Enefaa Bestman
Entrenchment of ethics, transparence and responsibility through the application of ICTs in organisations in Rivers State

Michael F. Shaughnessy
An Interview with Judith Kohan-Mass: On Giftedness in Israel
      Full text (PDF)

Book review by Prof. Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
Affine diffusions and related processes: simulation, theory and applications
      Full text (PDF)

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