Volume 6, Number 1 / April issue 2020
Shahad Ahmed Abdulgaffar
Major challenges and obstacles facing digital repositories in the digital era

In light of the technological and digital revolution and heavy dependence on digital resources, digital data saving has become a vital means that helps to keep and save intellectual productions. In fact, the digital repositories are one of the most important devices and records that contribute to the perpetuation of intellectual and scientific life. This paper aimed at shedding light on the challenges facing digital repositories, especially in light of the immense and continuous increase of data. It tries to identify those challenges and determine the solutions that can contribute to face them.
The lack of independent and detailed studies that tackled the challenges and focused on practical solutions was the reason behind conducting this paper. It targets collecting the related intellectual production and identifying the shortcomings and what is needed to be studied in the future, especially in light of big data and its impact on the continuity and development of digital repositories.
The survey methodology was used to gather studies and related literature and thus generalize the benefit and try to propose solutions. 15 Arab and foreign studies were covered which is estimated to contribute to achieving the goal of identifying the challenges facing digital repositories.
After reviewing Arab and foreign related literature and studies, the main results that came out of this paper, especially in light of the huge data, focused on the following challenges of digital repositories: intellectual property rights, the lack of qualified staff for content management, and huge budgets. A number of studies have suggested an approach to utilize modern technology and cloud computing to solve storage and saving problems. Others, however, considered cloud computing itself as one of the challenges of digital repositories. Some studies have emphasized the need to define a unified global policy for building digital repositories in light of Data ever-growing enormous size and the information and technical revolution, since the ultimate challenge was not due to technical and infrastructure problems.
This paper recommended the necessity of conducting specialized studies in finding applicable solutions to address the challenges and the optimal use of fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence techniques, the reduction of the dependence on the human component, and the reduction of the budgets of the salaries and training of employees to make them restricted only to building a strong infrastructure.
Keywords: Digital Repositories, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Intellectual Property, Virtual Archiving, IRB Scientific Research Ethics Board, Digital Repository Challenges

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Shahad Ahmed Abdulgaffar. Major challenges and obstacles facing digital repositories in the digital era. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 6(1)2020, 6-25.


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