Volume 6, Number 1 / April issue 2020
Arwa Muhammad Al-Ameen Ashnkeeti
The role of institutional repositories in disseminating and managing knowledge: A Survey Study

This study is entitled: The Role of Institutional Repositories in Disseminating and Managing Knowledge. Addressing repositories has already become a pressing issue due to the rapid advancements that have impacted businesses, organization and institutions as knowledge is an economic and developmental pillar. Moreover, the value of having, managing, controlling its dissemination and facilitating is seen as the capital of each and every institution.
Digital institutional repositories constitute one of the key digital elements of knowledge management and dissemination. Furthermore, they are among the crucial pillars for scientific communication among researchers and the institution; that is, the intellectual output is one of the principal resources where synergistic relations among sources of information are evident. It is, therefore, essential to implement appropriate policies and strategies for guaranteeing free access to information.
This piece of research seeks to explore the definition of institutional repository, its merits, along with examining the potential utilization of it for disseminating and managing knowledge. Moreover, it highlights developments that have assisted with formulating the current institutional repositories along with providing a synopsis about the models of employing institutional repositories in international institutions and universities. In addition, it sheds light on the academic institutional repository and its role in enriching scientific research and the intellectual output of universities and identifying to the discrepancies between the repositories of learning objects and academic institutional repositories.
Finally, novel intellectual perceptions of next-generation repositories will be provided. The survey approach has been used adopted to collect data and information from literature and relevant studies with regard with the role of institutional repositories, and analyzing findings obtained through this literature.
Among the study findings is to demonstrate the crucial role being played by institutional repositories in realizing knowledge management processes, namely knowledge acquisition, storage, dissemination and sharing, whose achievement contributes to leveraging the competitive advantage of the institution. The number of institutional repositories has increased steadily in the world, reaching approximately 5,330 institutional repositories so far. This demonstrates a sense of awareness of the role and functions of the institutional repository. In addition to the study's findings, Arab intellectual production has been found poor in terms of institutional repositories. This necessitates paying more attention by researchers and academics for enriching Arabic content via investigating the significance of institutional repositories and the role they perform.
Keywords: Institutional Repositories (IR), Knowledge Management, Open Access (OA), Knowledge Dissemination, Learning Object Repository (LOR), Next Generation Repositories (NGRs)

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Arwa Muhammad Al-Ameen Ashnkeeti. The role of institutional repositories in disseminating and managing knowledge: A Survey Study. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 6(1)2020, 76-93.


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