Volume 7, Number 2 / April issue 2021
Zainal Arifin, Tonich Uda, Dehen Erang, Eddy Lion, Sri Rohaetin, Rinto Alexandro
Traditional market management development strategy in Palangka Raya

The important function of traditional markets, apart from being the estuary of the local people's products, is also a very meaningful job for the community. The system changed to regional autonomy, with almost one hundred percent of all decisions regarding licensing being the authority of the regional leadership. Traditional markets with all their traditions need to be maintained, but along with the current cultural developments, people have begun to shift and switch to modern markets so that traditional markets do not only face competition between traditional markets but also modern markets, thus making the current conditions of traditional markets increasingly threatened. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a traditional market strategy for its sustainability.
Keywords: traditional market, management, development, strategy

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Zainal Arifin, Tonich Uda, Dehen Erang, Eddy Lion, Sri Rohaetin, Rinto Alexandro. Traditional market management development strategy in Palangka Raya. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 7(2)2021, 230-237.


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