Volume 8, Number 1 / April issue 2022
Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira, José António Filipe, José Moleiro Martins, Mário Nuno Mata, Pedro Neves Mata
ICEV dimantling or recycling on a challenging environment

Nowadays Sustainability is a huge issue. Sustainability deals with the need for the protection of the natural environment and ecosystems health and requires innovation and commitment with the future. This manuscript uses the M|G|∞ queue system, modelling Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEV), normally cars but not only, which turn idle when conventional energy becomes scarce, or a new status quo is required. In such a case, they are recycled, becoming either EV-Electric Vehicles or HEV-Hybrid Electric Vehicles or FCEV-Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, or are dismantled (DV-Dismantled Vehicles). Our model shows that when the rhythm ICEV become EV, HEV, FCEV and DV is greater than the rate at which they get idle the system tends to balance. In a cost-benefit analysis perspective, there are minimum benefits above which, both dismantling and recycling, are interesting. Additionally, the most interesting is the one for which the minimum benefit is the least.
Keywords: M|G|∞, sustainability, modelling, dismantling, recycling

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Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira, José António Filipe, José Moleiro Martins, Mário Nuno Mata, Pedro Neves Mata. ICEV dimantling or recycling on a challenging environment. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 8(1); 2022, 58-70.


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