Volume 4, Number 4 / August issue 2018
Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
The laplace transform in the context of some of the M|G|∞ queue related probability distributions

The Laplace transform is a widely used tool in the study of probability distributions, often allowing for a simpler determination of the p.d.f.'s and d.f.'s, and having the possibility to work as a “moments generating function”. In this paper it is considered a situation not so simple, as it is the case of the M|G|∞ queue busy period length distribution. Attention will also be given the respective tail Laplace transform. Then, in the context of an open queues network, which nodes behave as M|G|∞ queues, the Laplace transform will be used to construct an algorithm to determine the Laplace transform of the global service time length of a customer during their stay on the network distribution.
Keywords: Laplace transform, M|G|∞, busy period, queues network, algorithm

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Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira. The laplace transform in the context of some of the M|G|∞ queue related probability distributions. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(4)2018, 24-31.


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