Volume 5, Number 4 / August issue 2019

Volume 5, Number 4, August issue 2019

Rachel Nicole Wagner
Effectively teaching pharmacology to nursing students

Nursing is one of the most respected professions in the world. Nurses are on the frontline of healthcare, and it is imperative that they are well-trained individuals on a vast amount of information. One of the key pieces of information that nurses have to be well-trained and educated on to perform as excellent and safe nurses is medicine and pharmacology. If nurses are not well-trained and have no clear understanding of the developed methods of administering medication, a broad understanding of how medications work in the body, and how medications can interact with each other; they will not be well-equipped to practice in the work force and will be more likely to harm patients, rather than heal. Nurses are beacons of hope and givers of light. It is imperative that nursing professors understand the responsibility they carry to teach nursing students the importance of knowing pharmacological methods in a comprehensive manner and being able to use those methods to their nursing practice.
Keywords: pharmacology, medicine, nurses, professors

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