Volume 8, Number 2 / August issue 2022
Kwadwo Awuah-Baffour
Gaps between nursing education - to - nursing practice: The needed change now

The gap between nursing education and nursing practice keeps widening in the era of online education for nursing students. The current new graduates coming to the floor lack fundamental skills to thrive in this stressful environment. They are equipped with the science of nursing but are deprived of the art of nursing. They do not understand the essential practices of nursing. This is a significant challenge, and to solve this problem, there should be a bridge to reduce this widening gap between nursing education and nursing practice. The solutions are numerous, but competency-based education, rigorous preceptorship, and practice internships can clot this bleeding of unequipped new graduates.
Keywords: Competency-based education, internship to practice, preceptorship, nursing practice, nursing education, structural, interactionist

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Kwadwo Awuah-Baffour. Gaps between nursing education - to - nursing practice: The needed change now. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 8(2); 2022, 28-34.


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