Volume 4, Number 1 / February issue 2018
Ugur Tuztasi, Z. Hale Tokay
Post-modern historicism architectural application in Nigde: a classificational evaluation

The Starting point of the present study will be the inquiry pertaining to the acquisition architectural imageries, which were articulated to the Nigde urban repertoire in pursue of the modernism, into the collective urban memory. The architectural applications of historicism post-modernist attitude, which was influential for a nearly 20 year period in Nigde from 1990 to 2010, will constructed the contextual frameworks of the study. In the aforementioned period, the architectural production of some architects with nation wide prominence such as Fatih Gorbon, Merih Karaaslan, Emre Aysu, brought about diverse admirations. Though their categories are different, these compositions can be classified in Post-modernistic style. Within the study, the frames of dialogues of the historical references to the selected compositions with imageries in the available memory of the city will be examined. The architectural production in Nigde, which was aimed to be framed in line with modernisation criteria taking place in an environment in close relation with public activities especially in the period following 1950, has exhibited more independent and diverse tendencies along with Post-modernism. The exhibition of such a diverse style in such a small-scale city as Nigde has inevitably given rise to differentiation of the form and style repertoire in the collective memory of people. However, the spread of the impact of the impulse of modernisation or the architectural activities emerging in relation to this impulse in large cities to the other cities of Anatolia both has taken due time and has spread within the frames of relations between centre-periphery. A similar interpretation can be constructed for the architectural products, which were shaped in relation to the postmodernism and historicism approaches. For this reason, it can be seen that the era in our country which was dominated by the postmodern style was extended by the architectural applications in Nigde and that this style maintained its functionality to the recent past. Within the scope of the present study, architectural samples selected in Nigde will be evaluated within certain classification criteria.
Keywords: Nigde, Architecture, Urban Memory, Historicism, Postmodernism

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Ugur Tuztasi, Z. Hale Tokay. Post-modern historicism architectural application in Nigde: a classificational evaluation. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 4(1)2018, 31-47.


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