Volume 3, Number 3 / June issue 2017
Enkelena Shockett
French Feminism: J. Kristeva’s intellectual agency

In this article I will point out the intellectual agency of Julia Kristeva as a very important voice in the realm of French Feminist Studies and beyond (Feminist Theory, Critique of Identity, Psychoanalysis, Socialist Realism). At this point I will provide an exposè of her contribution in the conceptualization of Écriture feminine proposing the concept of intertextuality to explain the interconnectedness of all aspects of communication synthesizing a new methodology bestowed to us as semanalysis. It was out of this analysis that she produced and developed the concept of chora, which in itself remains a pre-linguistic and pre-subjective realm of psychosexual development. Further more, I intent to transmit that J. Kristeva’s logic approaches a product built - up as identity and as such to reason out the identity conceptualization we unquestionably proceed with its connotative evaluation in its meaningful totality. In addition, I will also explore how her concepts find room in Socialist Realism developed in the Communist Albania.
Keywords: Écriture feminine; founding separation; self-identity; New Man; individuation

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Enkelena Shockett. French Feminism: J. Kristeva’s intellectual agency. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 3(3)2017, 7-16.


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