Volume 5, Number 3 / June issue 2019

Volume 5, Number 3, June issue 2019

Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
The weak convergence in Hilbert spaces concept construction (revisited)

We intend in this article critically review the weak convergence concept in the real Hilbert spaces domain. Indeed the purpose is to review, correct and enlarge the paper by Ferreira (2014) on this subject, where is studied mainly its construction process. The main goal is to enlarge the Bolzano -Weierstrass theorem field of validity. Then it is discussed in which conditions weak convergence implies convergence.
Keywords: Hilbert spaces; Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem; weak convergence

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Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira. The weak convergence in Hilbert spaces concept construction (revisited). Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 5(3)2019, ---.
Heather Swinney
Critical thinking in pathophysiology

As failure to rescue and patient safety have been brought to the forefront of health care concerns, so has the awareness that a considerable number of graduate nurses are unable to critically think to make decisions about care and meet objectives (del Bueno, 2005 as cited by Lewis, 2017). There is an abundant amount of information regarding fostering critical thinking in nursing. However, it is evident that developing critical thinking is not enough. An understanding of pathophysiology is essential to success in nursing education. Therefore, it is suggested that critical thinking be encouraged in pathophysiology, generally a prerequisite course, when the foundation for nursing education is being established instead of to waiting to promote critical thinking in nursing curriculum. Additionally, several learning strategies suggestive to promote critical thinking are reviewed.
Keywords: Critical Thinking, Pathophysiology, Nursing Education

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Heather Swinney. Critical thinking in pathophysiology. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 5(3)2019, ---.