Volume 7, Number 3 / June issue 2021
Dewi Astia Noor, Tonich Uda, Sri Rohaetin, Yetrie Ludang, Rinto Alexandro, Firlianty
Encouraging entrepreneurship program for Palangka Raya university students

The number of graduates from universities who are unemployed is quite high, this shows that there is no synergy between the world of education and the world of work. In the end everyone has to think realistically and practically. Realistic means seeing something based on the existing reality, while practical thinking means doing something that can be done at this time. When job opportunities become difficult to obtain, then if someone chooses an alternative to being an entrepreneur, it should be appreciated. But unfortunately, coaching and assistance related to one's desire to pioneer and become a successful entrepreneur does not always meet a smooth path. They face various obstacles, community members who are determined to become entrepreneurs. From field observations, complaints are often found about the difficulty of seeking assistance, either in the form of management coaching, let alone funding or capital assistance.
Keywords: entrepreneurship, student, university, program mechanism

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Dewi Astia Noor, Tonich Uda, Sri Rohaetin, Yetrie Ludang, Rinto Alexandro, Firlianty. Encouraging entrepreneurship program for Palangka Raya university students. Acta Scientiae et Intellectus, 7(3)2021, 122-131.


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