Article Processing Charges

Acta Scientiae et Intellectus 

A publication fee of $50 is charged at the time of article submission, regardless of the acceptance/rejection condition.

Acta Scientiae et Intellectus does not offer refunds as it charges a fee regardless of acceptance/rejection.


NOTE 1: The author can withdraw his/her article free of charge as long as you withdraw the article within one week from the date of first submission. However, the article cannot be withdrawn during and/or after peer review


NOTE 2: Payment of the fee does not mean that each work uploaded to the journal will definitely be published. Each author is kindly requested to upload their work by taking this process into consideration.


NOTE 3: The processes of the articles for which the fee has not been paid will definitely not be started. 


Publication Fee:No fee is charged from the author or institution under any name. No fee is requested from the author/authors for the studies published in the journal.