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Acta Scientiae et Intellectus (ASI): Online ISSN: 2519-1896   - Print ISSN: 2410-9738

Acta Scientiae et Intellectus (ASI) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed, peer-reviewed, electronic journal published twice a year (August, December), which started its publication life in 2015.

ASI aims to provide an important resource in developing every aspect of social with the understanding of bringing together topics that will contribute to the education, practice and theoretical fields of social:

  • Publish articles covering a wide range of topics,
  • To publish quantitative, qualitative, mixed and single-subject methodology research and critical review articles that will contribute theoretically to the field and combine theory and practice,
  • To provide a forum for the publication of original research in Sport Sciences (Training Science, Physical Education and Sport Education, Sport Management, Recreation) and Disabilities and Special Education,

NOTE: The ASI Editorial Board has decided to award the "Best Research Award of the Year" at the end of each year starting from 2025. In this context, high quality studies will be rewarded, taking into account the principle of complete impartiality among researchers. Articles published in relevant issues. ASI aims to encourage Scientists to publish the best.

Points to be Considered in the Evaluation Method:

  1. The original and added value of the published articles will be taken into consideration,
  2.  The presentation of the article to the Scientific Field will be taken into account. 

NOTE: ASI demands the Ethics Committee Report for Scientific Research.

ASI only accepts articles in English. Authors should use only one writing style (British, American) in their articles.

ASI is an independent academic journal. No fee is charged from the author or institution under any name. No fee is requested from the author/authors for the studies published in the journal.

Publication Frequency: ASI is published bimonthly (August, December) from 2024 onwards, except for Special Issues.

Registration and Article Submission: If you are interested in submitting your article, please register at www.actaint.com. After creating a membership, you can edit your article from our related files and submit your article for evaluation from our web address. If you have any questions, you can easily contact us by e-mail at editor@actaint.com.


Editorial Board Format


An Editorial Board Change was made in Acta Scientiae et Intellectus (ASI) journal on 05.04.2024. The Editorial Board made a radical change in its publishing policies with the decision taken on 06.04.2024. All current information is available on our website www.actaint.com. It is announced with respect to scientists.

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